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Abstract - COVID-19 in Pakistan: Current Status and Challenges
Waleed Rana, Shamim Mukhtar, Sonia Mukhtar


COVID-19 pandemic outbreak which originated in China arrived in Pakistan on February 2020. The COVID-19 has claimed 264K lives with 3.77M confirmed cases across 213 countries and territories as of the date. Various preventive, controlling and mitigating measures towards COVID-19 has been taken across all countries around the world. Pakistan, a middle-income developing country with far less resources, has taken few mitigating measures in the face of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak outcomes. This paper evaluates impact on public health, examined challenges, analyzed role of Pakistan’s actions and recommended future strategies to combat COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.
Key words: coronavirus, COVID-19, Pakistan, pandemic, health, challenges     

Corresponding author: Dr. Waleed Rana, Hainan Medical Hospital, Haikou, China. Al-Khidmat Foundation Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.  E-mail:




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Volume 3, Number 57 (2020)