Achievements in development of prenatal diagnostics in republic of kazakhstan

Достижения в области развития пренатальной диагностики в Республике Казахстан
Zhanar Kurmangali 1, Kulyash Dzhamanaeva 2, Fred Ushakov 3, Talshyn Ukybasova 2, Almash Bekmuhametova 1, Aigul Sopbekova 1, Dias Saidangazin 1
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1 Republican diagnostic center of the corporate fund «UMC», Astana, Kazakhstan
2 National research center for maternal and child health of the corporate fund «UMC», Astana, Kazakhstan
3 University College London Hospital, London, UK
J CLIN MED KAZ, Volume 3, Issue 45 special issue, pp. 163-166.
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This article presents the results of the three-year experience of the Fetal Medicine Center. For this period, non-invasive (20 911) and invasive methods of prenatal diagnosis (3 031) were conducted, aimed at early detection of congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus, complications of pregnancy. In addition, it proposed a number of other important achievements of the Center Fetal Medicine in the field of prenatal diagnosis in the country.


Kurmangali Z, Dzhamanaeva K, Ushakov F, Ukybasova T, Bekmuhametova A, Sopbekova A, et al. Achievements in development of prenatal diagnostics in republic of kazakhstan. Journal of Clinical Medicine of Kazakhstan. 2017;3(45 special issue):163-6.


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