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2023, Volume 20, Issue 4

Current Issue

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Review Article
Peripheral blood lymphocytes apoptosis role in rheumatoid arthritis progressing
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):4-9
Original Article
Does health literacy affect attitudes towards healthy eating and health anxiety in young adults?
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):10-16
Evaluation of the double mesh and intraperitoneal onlay mesh techniques in giant incisional hernias
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):17-21
The role of repeat computerized cranial tomography in pediatric blunt head trauma
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):22-26
No-reflow phenomenon and triglyceride-glucose index in acute myocardial infarction
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):27-32
Comparison of the efficacy of LigaSure and laser for grade 2-3 hemorrhoids
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):33-37
The effect of virtual reality glasses on reducing pain during chest tube removal
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):38-42
Evaluation of early functional outcome of arthroscopic decompression in chronic primary sub-acromial impingement syndrome
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):43-48
Side effects after first and second doses of Covid-19 vaccine among health care providers in tertiary care hospital
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):49-53
The role of artificial intelligence in colonoscopy imaging and colonic diseases: A scientometrics analysis and visualization study
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):54-59
Computer‐aided evaluation of targets and biological activity spectra for new piperidine derivatives
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):60-67
Case Report
Clinical heterogeneity in Fabry disease: A clinical case
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):68-70
Giant prostatic enlargement: A presentation of a rare asymptomatic case
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(4):71-75