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2021, Volume 18, Issue 6

Current Issue

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Review Article
The psychological aspect of pain and symptom management in clinical practices: Scoping review
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):4-8
Modern vision on the problem of urolithiasis in children: Epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, clinical, diagnostics, treatment, metaphylaxis
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):9-14
Assessment and coping strategies for stress and depression among the terminally ill patients: Focus on cancer
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):15-19
How can cancer screening centers improve the healthcare system of Kazakhstan?
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):20-24
Measles at the present stage
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):25-31
Desensitization in kidney transplantation: Review
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):32-34
Original Article
Evaluation of the ability of the C-reactive protein-to-albumin ratio to predict short-term mortality in patients with COVID-19
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):35-39
Relationship of vascular pathology, demographic and radio-anatomical features in aortic dissections detected by multidetector CT
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):40-44
Comparison of the monocyte-to-HDL cholesterol ratio between patients with STEMI and NSTEMI: A retrospective observational study
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):45-49
Satisfaction of elderly patients undergoing orthopedic surgery in terms of nursing care and affecting factors
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):50-55
Undetected prevalence of urinary incontinence among middle-aged women and its association with quality of life
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):56-61
The relationship between the exercise capacity and somatotype components, body composition, and quadriceps strength in individuals with coronary artery disease
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):62-68
Job satisfaction, burnout and turnover intention of nurses working in hospital during the pandemic COVID-19 in Turkey
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):69-75
Determination of the association of some polymorphisms with metabolic syndrome in residents of the city of Nur-Sultan
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):76-80
A determination of the relationship between the symptoms, hospital anxiety and depression levels, and quality of life patients diagnosed with Covid-19
J CLIN MED KAZ 2021; 18(6):81-85