Association of chronic pancreatitis with risk of diabetes mellitus development

Yeldos Omirzak 1, Aliya Toleuova 1 * , Kairat Beibitov 1
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1 No1 Department of Internal Diseases, Karaganda Medical University, Karaganda city, Republic of Kazakhstan
* Corresponding Author
J CLIN MED KAZ, Volume 4, Issue 58, pp. 73-75.
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Introduction: Pancreatogenic diabetes mellitus affects the life quality and it is an independent risk factor for mortality at chronic pancreatitis. In practice, pancreatogenic diabetes mellitus is rarely diagnosed, and patients are incorrectly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2.
Objective: To determine the association of chronic pancreatitis with risk of diabetes mellitus developing.
Material and methods: Case-control study design, retrospective studies. The study was conducted on the base of the Municipal hospital №1 of Karaganda. Case histories of 23 patients, their outpatient records and discharges from hospital were studied. The patients were divided into 2 groups during the study: group 1 – the patients with chronic pancreatitis; group 2 – the patients with chronic pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus type 2.
Results and discussion: The study found that the number of patients under 60 years of age with chronic pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus are 4 times higher than the number of patients over 60 years of age. An increase in blood sugar among patients with chronic pancreatitis was associated with an exacerbation of the underlying disease. Predictors of diabetes mellitus in patients with chronic pancreatitis were female gender (OR=1,179) and high glucose level (OR=0,667). High body mass index did not affect an increase in glucose levels in patients with chronic pancreatitis.


Omirzak Y, Toleuova A, Beibitov K. Association of chronic pancreatitis with risk of diabetes mellitus development. Journal of Clinical Medicine of Kazakhstan. 2020;4(58):73-5.


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