Blunt scrotal trauma resulting in unilateral ruptured testicle

Тупая травма мошонки, приведшая к одностороннему разрыву яичка
Asset Bolatov 1, Gafour Khairli 1, Yersain Zhiyenbayev 1, Ernur Ainayev 1, Daniyar Akhmetov 1, Ulanbek Balpukov 1
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1 JSC «Astana Medical University», The Department of Internship Surgery with a course of urology, Astana, Kazakhstan
J CLIN MED KAZ, Volume 2, Issue 44, pp. 47-50.
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We present a case of testicular rupture after blunt scrotal trauma requiring surgical exploration and repair with salvage of the injured testicle. Testicular rupture is a true urological emergency and early diagnosis and surgical exploration maximized testicular salvage. Ultrasonography proves useful in evaluating the scrotal contents and allowing for early diagnosis of testicular injury.


Bolatov A, Khairli G, Zhiyenbayev Y, Ainayev E, Akhmetov D, Balpukov U. Blunt scrotal trauma resulting in unilateral ruptured testicle. Journal of Clinical Medicine of Kazakhstan. 2017;2(44):47-50.


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