The first experience of radical corrections of total anomalous pulmonary vein return by "sutureless technique" in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Alexandr Mishin 1 * , Almat Egizekov 1, Аbay Baigenzhin 2, Kairat Kuatbekov 1, Anar Sepbayeva 3, Gennady Nigay 3, Daniyar Kanzhigalin 2
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1 Department of Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology, "Mediterra" Modern Medicine Center, "Surgery Institute" LLP, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
2 Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, National Scientific Medical Center, Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan
3 Department of Cardiac Surgery, Perinatology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Center, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
* Corresponding Author
J CLIN MED KAZ, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp. 62-64.
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Total anomalous pulmonary vein return is a critical heart defect with 4 anatomic forms. It belongs to the severe category of complexity of the STAD scale with an incidence of about 0.013% among all newborns, most of them requiring urgent surgical treatment in the first days and hours of life. Currently, there are many surgical techniques for its correction. This paper presents a comparative evaluation of two groups of patients with previously classical and "sutureless technique" of surgery. It was proved that "sutureless technique" has a number of advantages in comparison with the previously performed methods, the main ones being reduction of myocardial ischemia time, artificial circulation and universalism in application to any form of malformation.


Mishin A, Egizekov A, Baigenzhin А, Kuatbekov K, Sepbayeva A, Nigay G, et al. The first experience of radical corrections of total anomalous pulmonary vein return by "sutureless technique" in the Republic of Kazakhstan. J CLIN MED KAZ. 2022;19(2):62-4.


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