Validated stability Spectrophotometric process for estimation vancomycin antibiotic degradation behavior in pharmaceutical kinds

Mohauman Mohaummed Majeed Al-Rufaie 1 *
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1 Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Kufa University, Najaf, Iraq
* Corresponding Author
J CLIN MED KAZ, Volume 4, Issue 58, pp. 33-40.
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Objective: To estimate the dissolution behavior of the antibiotic vancomycin hydrochloride in pharmaceutical formulations, a novel, quick as well as innovative stabilization implying spectrophotometric process has been created and certified. Using the spectrophotometric process to calculate the constant acid dissociation (Ka).
Material and methods: The process focused on the observed drug oxidation by a documented excess of Ceric ammonium nitrate in hydrochloride acid solution as well as corresponding identification of unreacted oxidant by combining it with methylene blue respectively. The oxidant reacted correlates to the substance of the compound. As well as wave length absorbance calculation 588 nm. This approach follows Beer-Lambert plot regression showed remarkable concentration range 1-50 ppm associations. It was a coefficient of correlation of 0.9982. Calculated the limits of molar absorptivity 6.9117× 104 (L . mol-1. cm-1) , sandal sensitivity 0.02 µg. cm-2, identification 0.410 ppm, as well as quantification 0.731 ppm. The method's precision and accuracy was established and checked.
Results: The stoichiometric proportions were analyzed for the aforementioned product. This measured the growing conditions of reaction as well as other analytical variables. The technique has decent repeatability with little than two percent relative standard deviation (RSD percentage).
Conclusion: The impact of the material typically often used in such  medications as excipients was examined. The suggested technique have been implemented in pharmaceutical products to assess such drugs. The findings showed that the technique is as reliable and repeatable as the approved technique.


Al-Rufaie MMM. Validated stability Spectrophotometric process for estimation vancomycin antibiotic degradation behavior in pharmaceutical kinds. Journal of Clinical Medicine of Kazakhstan. 2020;4(58):33-40.


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