2020, Volume 5, Issue 59

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Remove the crown from the virus
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):4-10
Review Article
Original Article
Examining the relationship between narcissism and Machiavellianism levels in students receiving health education
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):15-19
Impact of work productivity on quality of life and disease activity in ankylosing spondylitis
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):20-23
Evaluation of the effectiveness of ice pack therapy on pain after extraction of mandibular third molar
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):24-27
The anti-tumoral effects of different local anesthetics on human endometrial carcinoma cell line: An in-vitro study
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):28-33
Effects of fluoroscopy-guided conventional radiofrequency ablation in dissatisfied patients after total knee arthroplasty
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):34-37
Real time strain elastography for differentiation of solid renal masses
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):38-41
Comparing computerized tomography indices and liver biopsy in liver transplantation donors for hepatosteatosis
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):42-45
Comparative study of in vitro prepared Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT) antigen with commercially available antigens
J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 5(59):46-50
Case Report