2023, Volume 20, Issue 5

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Review Article
Worsening air pollution an unfamiliar cause of low vitamin D levels: A systematic literature review
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):4-8
Original Article
The effect of corticosteroid use in septic shock on secondary infection frequency, microorganism species, morbidity, and mortality
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):9-16
Identifying potential risk factors associated with gastrointestinal tract cancers:  A case-control study in Turkey
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):17-21
The experiences in the self-management of gestational diabetes: A qualitative study based on pender’s health promotion model
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):22-30
A retrospective CT based comparative analysis of available screw pathways to determine optimal iliac screw trajectory
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):31-36
Determining incontinence awareness, attitude, and frequency in female students enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):37-41
Unraveling the interplay: Exploring the relationship between children's obesity, sleep disorders, depressive symptoms, and age dynamics
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):42-46
How fixation affects the results of lymph node immunophenotyping by flow cytometry
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):47-54
The frequency of hypernatremia at presenting to the Emergency Department with acute bronchiolitis
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):55-59
Conventional videolaryngoscope versus 3D printed videolaryngoscope
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):60-64
Case Report
Сase report of syphilitic hepatitis
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):65-67
Intracardiac foreign bodies: Diagnosis and management
J CLIN MED KAZ 2023; 20(5):68-71